Our Process

Our 7 stage
design & development

Ennovative Creationz is not just about creating a few web pages. We listen to you, distill the essence of what you want to achieve and provide guidance, a holistic solution and ongoing support.


Our first meeting (free)

At Ennovative Creationz we offer an informal 60 minute web design consultation in person, free of cost and with no obligation. After the consultation, we will send you a detailed proposal and then you may choose to

  • use Ennovative Creationz’s service for your website development
  • or take your time to make a decision
  • or use the information to engage another web development firm you feel comfortable to work with


Create website structure

We believe a good web design is about more than just making a site look pretty. Here we create a hierarchy of effectively labelled and organised information to guide users towards the actions we wish them to make. We have a number of tools available to make this possible:

  • typical user profiling
  • website conversion path
  • detailed site map
  • rough sketch of the site or the wire frame (technical term)

It’s the structure of a site that determines its success. A well organised site will lead users effortlessly toward their goals.


Produce the code

Ennovative Creationz has the ability to develop a website content management system (CMS) that allows even non-technical staff to manage nearly every component of the website. The code behind your website is just as important as how it looks.



Post-launch support and measuring site usage

Post-launch Support is a continuous process of improving and supporting a website to keep it working and up-to-date. Our Post Launch Support covers the following aspects:

  • Site traffic analysis
  • CMS Version update – CMS providers release new versions of their platforms quite frequently. New versions contain bug fixes and new useful features. We always advise our clients to wait at least 2-3 weeks after a new version has been released before upgrading to it. This gives the developers of CMS time to fix any bugs that they or the community may find
  • Site Backup – We will make a full backup of the site on a quarterly basis or on an agreed time frame
  • Website content & design upgrade road map


Project approval & information gathering

On acceptance of our proposal, we provide you with:

  • an updated project timeline
  • a project brief, goals and vision statement
  • our PDF guides for web hosting, local site setup etc
  • worksheets for content gathering
  • worksheets for Search Engine Optimisations (SEO)


The look and feel

Your website is the first impression to prospective customers, partners and investors. As a result, it must embody the character of your business in a sleek, impressive manner. To achieve this for your website we work with you to understand your target audience. We utilise your corporate identity as a base for the design and we aim to create the right design for each brand and its users.

You have to quickly and clearly tell people who you are. But there are different ways to get the point across.


Launch website & staff training

Site launch is a major milestone in the web development project. We upload the site on to the webserver and conduct the final test. It’s time for training, we provide you and your staff with necessary training to maintain the site content. We will also show you how to make backups of your site on a regular basis.

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